ICSB Indonesia Academy – Sanur Village Festival 2017

The 12th annual Sanur Village Festival in 2017 (SVF 2017) held from 9-13 August 2017 will present an awakening festival by realizing, kindling and sharing the nation unity spirit with Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or Unity in Diversity values.

The chairman of SVF Ida Bagus Gde Sidharta Putra, mentions that lately various issues in the country has moved community elements to acknowledge the difference in Indonesia’s united soul. But this condition does not mean we just stand still and gradually let this differences create disharmony in unity. SVF as a festival that is based on “The new spirit of heritage”, realizes that the Unity in Diversity value is an important part of the moral movement that should be grown continually.

“Re-strengthening the values of Bhineka Tunggal Ika is a nations awakening process. The extensive hatred and violence in both the cyber and real world has kindled awareness, as these a threats to the nations unity. SVF with its programs attempt to create an “awakening festival” by sending out good messages for nation unity with its Unity in Diversity values.

During its journey, SVF 2017 always features cultural diversity in its programs with Art and Culture Ambassadors from Indonesian archipelago, showing that the Sanur community is very open to all Indonesian citizens. This fact also supported by international community to come to visit each year. SVF considered The Unity in Diversity value is relevant, so it has been chosen as the theme for the festival, as part of the embodiment of love for the nation”, he says.

SVF 2017 programs also place the spirit of state unity and nationalism in the form of symbols, images, and messages according this context. The public visiting SVF can hopefully become an integrated part in this awakening process.

Last but not the least, we cordially invite everyone to come and enjoy the five days full of fun activities celebration of 12th Sanur Village Festival 2017 and also thank everyone whose hard work and involvement as well as assistance and participation had ensured the successfulness of our Sanur Village Festival.

Source : Sanur Village Festival


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